Black Art House Meets the Millennial Dating Struggle in Lovebites

Chinwe Okorie, a Nigerian-born writer-director, is in preproduction for her third short film. Lovebites is a modern romantic drama about a young Black woman navigating a disorienting relationship with her boyfriend, in a story told via split screens.

A crowd fundraiser for the film is picking up speed, and the project presents an opportunity for people to join this ambitious collaborative effort. Okorie’s personal artistic vision dictates that this story be told using split screens, which means that production entails shooting two versions of the same film at once.

Lovebites will invite the audience to consider multiple perspectives, with no clear indication of which narrative can be trusted. The film will rely on subtlety and nuance to depict a relationship between two Black twentysomethings who just can’t seem to stay on the same page.

The Lovebites team includes Nava Mau as a producer, and Mariana Gonzales as director of photography. Danielle Payne is cast in the lead role of Cat, with Ukairo Ukpai Ukairo cast as her boyfriend, Chidi. In preparation for the project’s fundraiser, Okorie and the cast created a concept trailer that previews the film’s unique visual elements.

Okorie has been working toward this moment for years. After launching a student-run television station at St. Edward’s University, she wrote and directed two short films. 

Richard Cory is available for viewing online, and Impressions is in post-production. Okorie’s impressive demo reel highlights various other works.
The Lovebites fundraiser is in motion, and the Lovebites team seeks donations to cover the costs of production and post-production. The fundraiser ends on August 20. Anyone interested in the project is encouraged to visit the fundraising site at