Breedz is all about african print inspired fashion.
The focus is to create contemporary casual/street wear garments with a feel of luxury. Our aim is to make garments that are comfortable but can be worn during occasions where you want to express...
Your go-to boutique for unique fashion items combined with the latest fashion trends for the style conscious woman.
COLORISM staat in het kader van “self love, self respect and most important self acceptatie”.
Coloured Goodies is de eerste black doll & gift shop in Europa. Gespecialiceerd in unieke afrodolls en vitiligo poppen, maar ook de poppen met albinisme en diverse andere huidaandoeningen staan...
Ik ben Deborah Abigail. Met mijn werk als tassen designer is het mijn missie via mijn tassen en prints de verhalen te vertellen van verschillende culturen. Ik wil graag dat het uitdragen van...
Di’Xpression is workshopleider in creatief hoofddoek binden (met Afrikaanse print). Diana Ritfeld, de vrouw achter dit bedrijf, heeft als missie vrouwen in hun kracht te zetten en meer zelfvertrouwen...
Donnakeshley is an unique brand with an African twist.
Guava is the Premium Online Fashion & Lifestyle Marketplace where customers and sellers from all over the world come together for a beautiful Fashion & Lifestyle experience. At
Exclusive fashion items designed by IMJ Clothing. Only one of each item available!
What started as a obsession turned in to a hobby which is now a business. "Success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts."
Jewelz for Jewelz designs and creates for women that are not scared to wear bold jewelry. The bigger, the better!