Zany, Capeverdian rebirth to success in fashion

Zany Filomena’s atelier is the source of fashion and confection located in Praia, Republic of Cape Verde, a group of beautiful volcanic islands at 600 km West of Senegal in West-Africa.

Her company already has a national market, with a clientele made up of state institutions, companies and people who appreciate fashion and demand for beauty and quality.

This is what has happened with Zany Confections since its creation in 2012. It is born from an inspiration and a dream, but also from the need to enter the market with a demanding product and a differentiated stance. and creative.

But who is this 43-year-old business woman who has already won the preference of a select clientele on her land? Well, it's a long history of failure and success.

In the past, she was involved in a drug trafficking organization. But she repented, she served his sentence, and from prison she began her profound process of acceptance and renewal. It was there, that she came into contact with inspiring thoughts and reflections brought by books of high spirituality. And that's how she discovered a new person in herself.

Released, she reinforces his determination to stay out of the situations of the past. And she challenged her great struggle for social reintegration and personal empowerment. Today, she is a socially recognized and valued entrepreneur with many friendships.









On the difficulties of starting a new business in such a small market and with all the difficulties imposed by social stigma, she admits: “It was hard. It's always difficult and hard enough. But every step I take, every customer that I meet and often even make happy, is a great victory that I thank God and my indomitable spirit. It gives me a lot of confidence and certainty on my way”.

Indeed, customer appreciation is positive and horizons open up to new opportunities and achievements. Among them are the many fashion shows and presentations, the organization of fashion events and above all the appreciation of an art that excels in the beauty and dazzling coloring of its creations. However, the problems of a small market with few incentives weigh heavily and the results do not correspond to effort, dedication and quality. For this businesswoman, the dream is yet to be realized.

Zany Filomena is realistic and pragmatic: “I am satisfied with the responsiveness of clients and the public, but willing and prepared for new ideas, challenges and partnerships”.