Sierra Leone, France, Holland, World: Babina

Babina is in Amsterdam when she introduces herself: “My name is Babina Simeon, born in Freetown Sierra Leone and a final year Business Language student at  University of Lorraine in France, specialising in English, French and Spanish. I love languages as one of my dreams is to make the world my home.”

She is not afraid of challenges: “I am also a part time interpreter for the High court of Nancy and for SAMIE ( Service d'Accompagnement  des Mineurs Isolés Étrangers). It's an organisation that takes care of isolated foreign minors in France.”

Babina is 20 years old and started modeling two years ago and participated in different presentations.

“Coincidently I got to know about the pre-competition of Miss Super Model Wordwide Africa Beauty pageant in the World Fashion Center Amsterdam the 23rd of February”.

Now she travels from France to Amsterdam every weekend to participate in the training schedule. Can we call this very motivated? Babina seems to have the desire to tell her story to the world. She was born in the period of the horrible civil war in her country and she remembers many details.

“One of the reasons for participating in this pageant is to showcase Sierra Leone's culture to this part of the world. Many people would come to know about our country which could help boost our tourism industry. The most important thing that motivated me is my desire to touch and influence lives of many young girls and children out there. I believe winning this crown will automatically give me a bigger platform for my voice and that of many girls out there to be heard. I stand for child's protection, mind transformation and self-esteem building.”

With some emotion she continues: “I grew up in a society where children are mostly vulnerable and exposed to danger and all kinds of abuse, especially girls. I was a victim of too. I want these children to identify themselves to me and say IF SHE COULD DO IT, I CAN DO IT TOO!”

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