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Breaking with Customs is a 2017 Ugandan film fantasy that celebrates a cultural tradition in order to preserve their community's social stability.

Set in the mid-20th Century, the rural village of Nalubaale was scandalized when Mpaka, a commoner (played by writer T. West Ttabu Wasswa Stephen), tried to elope with Nsanji (Nabunje Lillian Cherimo), the woman he had loved since childhood. At the time, Nsanji was reluctantly engaged to their regional chief, who had been selected to become his fourth wife.

Mpaka's offensive to Chief Bukulu did more than just break a local taboo - by their king's decree, it was an illegal act or rebellion, punishable by death. This custom was so strongly valued that the resulting search for Mpaka and the punishment of Nsanji consumed their entire tribe.

Beyond reclaiming the honor of their chief, the villagers were defending the fundamental social contract that bound them together. Mpaka's (inexplicably hapless) attempt to "steal" Nsanji from Bukulu was a direct challenge to one of the central tenets of their tribal identity: their ancient and deeply ingrained caste system. The unforeseen consequences of one couple's act of love reverberated throughout the entire community.

The movie earned a great deal of attention in the African arts community last year, winning the Best East African film honors at Kenya's Kalasha International Awards, and being nominated for both the Film and the Year at the Uganda Film Festival.

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