Call Me Black

Darryl Olivieira

Door Darryl Olivieira

Call me black, not black-ish or brown

I am and I always will be a black king with his crown

My name is irrelevant: it doesn't show you who I am

It doesn't show you my life or tell you what I can

My colour is my past, my future and my present

My colour is my skin, my soul and my essence

My colour is me, my pigment and my shade

My colour is my family: all genders and every age

My colour is my pride and not everyone will understand

My colour is my power, from my toes to my hands

Call me black if you can say it in a way that it'll bring positivity

Don't put it in your mouth if you don't have that ability

Call me black if you really want to know my history

If you're not closing your eyes and not calling it a mystery

My black is pure

My black doesn't crack

My black is love

My black needs respect