A Television Platform Uniting the Global African Diaspora

DALLAS, TX (December 4, 2017) - Actor and entrepreneur, Michael Maponga, received recognition for his November 2017 Young African Professionals (YAP) Honors Ball. YAP honors leaders, champions and corporate elites in the Houston community and worldwide or African descent or presence on the African Continent.

YAP specifically recognized Michael for founding the Pan African streaming platform AfroLandTV, which grants the world access to premium Pan African films and television shows.

Michael said, "It's amazing to see Africans in one room celebrating other Africans, we're opening up to Africa again, and that 's why I started AfroLandTV. We need to tell our own stories to the world."

Other notable honorees present at the ball were actress Stacy Ike, entrepreneur Edose Ohen, Dr. Foye Ikyaator, Ugwem Eneyo and America's Got Talent finalist Kechi Okwuchi.

AfrolandTV is based in Dallas, TX. For more information visit www.AfroLandTV.com

For more information on Young African Professionals (YAP) and what the organization is doing to spread African/Black excellence visit www.YAPHouston.com


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