By Risqué

The focus is to create contemporary casual/street wear garments with a feel of luxury. Our aim is to make garments that are comfortable but can be worn during occasions where you want to express yourself in a way that still makes you stand out from the crowd.

We believe that taking risk, dedication and being fearless is a stimulation that can help you to differentiate yourself from others. We believe that these set of skills enables the superhuman in you, that rewards you to live a luxurious life in the way you desire. Our aim is to encourage people to have faith in their destiny and to keep searching for it by taking Risks.

Don’t lose your style during your walk to success because that is what defines and presents you. As you are working towards your ultimate life goal our duty is to provide you with quality garments.

We are inspired by our slogan to “Create magic and people will love to see how you did it”. This can only be done by “Risque”, which means taking risk in French, that we connect to the language of love as we love to see people succeed in life.



Duivendrechtsekade 80
1096 AH Amsterdam