Krappa by Gigi

As a child my mother always had a bottle of krappa oil in the home, to rub on our skin. But once in the month she gave it internally. We then would get for a whole week, every morning a teaspoon of Krappa oil. The taste and the scent of the Krappa oil remained with me all day with every belch.

This experience has caused me to infallibly be able to discern the pure Krappa from the fake. The oil that is sold in the markets, is often times mixed because the long procedure to prepare it which makes it very expensive.

I discovered that the Krappa oil is not favoured because of the smell and that only a part of the inhabitants of Surinam are using it. Only the older generation. I was determined to bring a change in this. Such a special natural healthy remedy must be presented to a greater public, it must be internationally known.

I thank the Lord that in 2016 my wish came through and I got the inspiration to start with KrappabyGiGi

KrappabyGiGi not only has her costumers in Suriname and Holland but also in Curacao, USA, and England. KrappabyGiGi to conquer the world.

 Everybody needs a bottle of Krappabygigi in their lives!



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