Freddy's Comfort Food

The story of Freddy’s Comfort Food isin’t just about a restaurant, it’s about friendship that turns into bond for the people in our lives… made solid by the dishes that brings us together. Growing up in and around Rotterdam, Brain, Victor and Quincylino paid their dues in the community by working in kitchens, doing events, unknowingly that this would fuel our future. The passion between the three developed trough time. The foodies inside of them created a curiosity that let to allot of home experimenting in foods that were not available in their home town Rotterdam. However, it wasn’t until a trip to London that the Freddy’s Comfort Food concept would begin to form…

In the starting periods of 2018 the three companions knew they wanted to start a restaurant mainly because they got a taste on the industry by providing food at several events and festivals. In our minds Freddy’s was born. On a trip to London a local chicken shop introduced them to the Buttermilk chicken. It was love at first sight!

When they guys returned with flavourful memories they mission really begun. The companions soon realised that the restaurant would not just stand for the chicken. The people, the culture and the dish. This would be turn out to be the keystones in the new chicken scene Freddy’s Comfort Food is trying to create. they still strive to for enjoyment when eating the food! They set out to create Rotterdam’s ultimate fried chicken sandwich, creating the cult street food sensation ‘Freddy’s comfort food’

After signing the contract in Rotterdam they all decided to quit their jobs to pursue this dream called ‘’Freddy’s Comfort Food’’. Since then they have been serving up fried chicken & sandwiches in store, at events and pop-ups in Rotterdam. It feels right that they have found their home on the Vierambachtsstraat.

Ever-growing queues, combined with selling out in the weekends, made them realise they were doing something special.

The culture of comfort food spoke deeply to the three friends just because the simple fact that food plays a big party in their own individual cultural background.
We’re truly proud of this dish—and it’s our mission to share a moment with all of you too.

The future is glowing and bright at Freddy’s Comfort Food. And it’s only getting hotter!

it’s been a long vision to get here and we hope you’ll love the restaurant as much as we do! wish us luck!




Vierambachtstraat 145B
3022 AL Rotterdam