Metro54 x Full Color present Lapse of Honour with Lady Leshurr

Metro54 x Full Color present Reflecting Cities
Film Screening: Lapse of Honour
Wednesday 7 December 2016 @ Pathé Tuschinski

Reflecting Cities is a series of screenings at various locations in Amsterdam— focusing on the relationship between contemporary and marginalized urban culture and film. Reflecting Cities showcases stories from the perepheries and inner cities which question and bring issues such as police brutality, identity and representation and self-determination to the forefront. 

Together with guest speakers, filmmakers and audiences Metro54 & Full Color Entertainment share stories, findings and examples in which contemporary urban culture is shaping new, alternative cinematic narratives.

Set in a rough part of Manchester where drugs and gangs rule, Tom and Eve are head over heels in love and studying for their A-levels with the goal of getting into a university in another city to escape their abusive parents. Tom wants a career in graphic design; Eve is an aspiring MC who wants to hit the big time. When Eve announces she's pregnant, they make a pact to raise enough money to get out of town sooner. Eve starts performing at local underground contests hoping to secure a record deal while Tom's efforts hit a brick wall, forcing him to go to more extreme and dangerous lengths to get the money they need. In doing so, he crosses into forbidden territory bringing tragedy into both their lives.

Caroline Kamya will introduce the film.

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7 dec 2016 - 21:00 tot 8 dec 2016 - 00:00
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