Masterclass Intersectionality, Racism & Whiteness in the Netherlands

This masterclass will inform you the ways racism manifests itself in the Netherlands and it will be done with an intersectional approach. You will be taken on a journey challening your own privileges concerning ability, gender, sexual oriëntation and class. You will get to see videos, articles and hear personal stories that people have shared during my trainings. You will discover why I disagree with organizations who try to be neutral and what they are actually doing. You will discover a bit how life is through the glasses of others. It will be an interactive session. 

This masterclass will also include good examples and diversity done right.

You will have insight in intersectionality, racism and whiteness in the Netherlands. This will include a workbook so you can actively participate and enhance your insight.

There is free parking and it is next to subwaystation.

The durance is about 90 minutes.

There will be an active, relaxed, educational and positive atmosphere.

The trainer is Sarita Bajnath.


De Bonte Kraai, Kraaiennest 68, 1104 CD Amsterdam


2 jun 2018 - 13:30 tot 15:00
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