Fashion Fest

What is the future of fashion? And how did it look in the past? With fashion fest MAFB presents the fashion talent of tomorrow and simultaneously shows an alternative voice within the fashion industry.

The past couple of months, more than 90 fashion talents from all over the world have attended a special coaching program to prepare them for this moment. 

On the day of fashion fest they will show what they have learned over the past months. 

In the jury: 
*Aynouk Tan (fashion editor NRC Handelsblad)
*Yokaw Pat (hairstylist and make-up artist Angelique Hoorn Management)
*Steven Dahlberg (fashion director JFK Magazine)
*Willa Stoutenbeek (founder W.Green)
Together they choose one winner from each participating discipline. 

The 4 winners can win a cash prize for the further development of their talent. The winning collection will exhibite in the Amsterdam Museum during Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016. TV personality and figurehead for diversity Sylvana Simons presents fashion fest.

Stadionplein 26-30, 1076CL Amsterdam, Netherlands




15 nov 2015 - 19:00 tot 22:00
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