Expo Nederlandse rol in Z.Afrikaanse democratie

In celebration of South Africa’s 20 Years of Democracy, the South African Embassy in The Hague and members of the former Dutch anti-apartheid movements have put together an exhibition celebrating the role that was played by the Netherlands in bringing about a democracy in South Africa.

The exhibition deals with the Dutch contribution to the struggle against apartheid and was commissioned by both the South African Embassy in The Netherlands and the Dutch Embassy in South Africa and produced with support of the International Institute of Social History (IISH).

The aim of the exhibition is also to express South Africa’s thanks to the Netherlands and its people for the very important role that was played by the Netherlands in the fight against apartheid.  The exhibition is furthermore a tribute to the activists who were at the forefront of the struggle.

Both the Dutch and South African editions of the exhibition will be placed at a variety of venues. 

The next venue for the exhibition: exhibition hosted by the WINDESHEIM UNIVERSITY, Zwolle

When: May 18 - 28 2015