Black Intellectual Gathering: #BlackLivesMatter on Love & Activism

Black Intellectual Gathering:  on Love & Activism
Come and join us on: December 21st 

Patrisse Cullors is one of the co-founders of the hashtag which grew into a movement for black lives . Patrisse Cullors is one of the three co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement which was found by three black, queer women. Something which started as an online reaction on the murder of unarmed black youth grew into one of the most influential 21st century movements.

The movement has evolved into an international chapter-based organization mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people and places issues of white supremacy, police violence, mass incarceration and the liberation of black people on the political agenda. The movement has inspired black communities across the world, including the black community in the Netherlands, who recognize the state violence and institutional racism in their own societies. On Wednesday December 21st Patrisse Cullors will be the special guest at the Black Intellectual Gathering on on Love & Activism.

arose out of the continuing murder of, often unarmed and innocent, black people. These are violent traumatizing experiences which have a direct impact on black communities and communities of color and individuals. According to Patrisse Cullors the election of Trump means more police brutality towards black people. 

How will the movement continue to organize in the face of anticipating state violence? Organizing and activism requires hard work and sacrifice, how does Patrisse take care of herself? How can people involved in activism and organizing sustain loving relationships with family and friends? And how can sustainable relations be build up in communities of organizers and activists despite political differences to bring the movement forward?

Come and join us 
When? Wednesday 
December 21st 2016
Time? 7.30 PM (start at 8 PM) to 9.30PM
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Limited seats available so make your reservations a.s.a.p!

Organized by IZI Solutions & New Urban Collective

Location: New Urban Collective
Zeeburgerdijk 19, 1093 SK Amsterdam




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