‘Slavery legacies and the work of state, public, and popular histories’

The Board of the Vereniging KITLV is pleased to invite you to attend KITLV’s annual meeting 2015. After the annual meeting you are invited to join the session ‘Slavery legacies and the work of state, public, and popular histories’, which is part of the international interdisciplinary workshop ‘Global Slavery and Exhibitionary Impulse’.*

  • Date June 12, 2015 
  • Venue: Museum Volkenkunde, Steenstraat 1, Leiden,

  •  Time: 13:00 - 18:00

Programma Algemene Ledenvergadering | Program Annual Meeting (in Dutch)
12.30-13.00: Ontvangst met koffie en thee | Welcome with coffee and tea
13.00-14.00: Ledenvergadering (meer informatie volgt) | Annual meeting (more information will follow)
14.00-14.10: Pauze | Break

‘Slavery legacies and the work of state, public, and popular histories’ (in English)
This panel will explore slave legacies and their representation as a global history. Situating slavery pasts as a global history underscores the particular difficulty of representing a past atrocity whereby one group was systematically exploited and dehumanized by another. Within such devastating entanglement, many histories and experiences were neither similar nor shared; one person or group’s prosperity was directly tied to another’s calamity. When representing this connected past, how then, can one adequately address this chasm? While multivocality (presenting multiple histories and perspectives) has become increasingly embraced in museum work and public history, the matter of whether equity or diversity in representation sufficiently addresses or articulates the gross inequities in power, freedom and experience of the past requires critical attention. In particular, the global history of slavery abolition opens up the issue of atonement (apology and redress) and how states should deal with a past moral failure and its ongoing legacy and repercussions for a certain group of people.

Speakers and panelists from three continents will address the following questions: In what ways do slavery museums and exhibits, popular histories, and anti-slavery movements differently attend to such work and to what effect? How do narrative frames such as ‘the national’, ‘the colonial’, or ‘the black experience’ that inflect these public platforms, engage but also limit ideas of responsibility, recognition, representation and experience? Finally, what are the most promising concepts or frameworks that might help us imagine new modes of representation that can confront and address these difficult and complex histories?

14.10-14.15: Opening and introduction by moderator Markus Balkenhol (Postdoc researcher, Meertens Institute, NL)
14.15-14.35: Anna Lucia Araujo (Professor of History, Howard University, US)
14.35-14:55: Nancy Bercaw (Curator of Smithsonian Institution, US)
14:55-15.15: Alex van Stipriaan (Professor of Caribbean History, Erasmus University, NL)
15.15-15.35: Artwell Cain (Founder Institute of Cultural Heritage & Knowledge, NL)
15:35-15.40: Closing remarks by Markus Balkenhol
15:40-15.55: Break

Panel Discussion
15.55-16.00: Introduction by moderator Nancy Jouwe (Researcher, University of Humanistic Studies, NL)
16.00-16.05: Paul Tichmann (Curator, Slave Lodge – IZICO Museums, South Africa)
16.05-16.10: Bertrand Guillet (Directeur of Château des ducs de Bretagne, FR)
16.10-16.15: Nancy Bercaw (Curator of Smithsonian Institution, US)
16.15-16.20: Richard Benjamin (Head of Liverpool International Slavery Museum, UK)
16.20-16.25: Annemarie De Wildt (Amsterdam Museum – Slavery and the Golden Age, NL)
16.25-16.30: Anna-Karina Caudevilla (International Association of the Shackles of Memory, FR)
16.30-17.00: Discussion and closing remarks by Nancy Jouwe

17.00-18.00: Drinks

If you wish to attend this meeting, please send an email to ln.vltik@vltik

*The session ‘Slavery legacies and the work of state, public, and popular histories’ is part of the international interdisciplinary workshop ‘Global Slavery and Exhibitionary Impulse’ which takes place on 11 & 12 June. Everyone who is interested is welcome to join the other sessions of this workshop. Please note that you will have to register separately for the other sessions: ln.labolgnediel@ofni.

The Board of the Learned Society / Vereniging KITLV would also like to inform you that two other KITLV events with related themes will be organized in the Summer and Autumn of 2015. More information will follow soon!

If you are interested in a hard copy of KITLV’s annual report, please send an email to ln.vltik@vltik. The online version is available.




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